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At home and abroad


With every year that passes there is growing interest in, and enthusiasm for, natural approaches to health and we are happy to report that care and maintenance of eyesight is no exception, hence the increasing popularity of natural vision education, the mainstream of which is the Bates Method.


Currently there are around thirty professionally trained and registered Bates Method teachers, the majority of them are in Great Britain but it does not stop there. Around the world there is an ever growing network of practitioners teaching natural vision methods.

Bates Association for Vision Education (BAVE)


The Bates Association for Vision Education (BAVE) was formed to "advance the knowledge and practice of the methods of visual re-education developed by and named after the late Dr.William H. Bates MD."


Some of the functions of the Association include maintaining a professional register, to act as a point of contact for the public to find a teacher. It also promotes ongoing training for members.


BAVE is one of the first professional associations in the world for Bates Method teachers and continues to be held in high regard due to its' members professionalism and high standard of entry requirements.


BAVE does not train teachers but sets up entry standards for application to membership.


After graduation students will be eligible to apply for entry to the Bates Association for Vision Education, the leading professional association for Bates Method Teachers. We invite the assessors to come at the end of the course for those graduates wishing to have a BAVE assessment. Other graduates may decide to wait until they have started their own practice and take the assessment at a later date.

Association of Vision Educators (AVE)


The mission of the Association of Vision Educators is to increase public awareness of natural and integrated vision care and encourage education, communication and research in the field.


Members of the Association may have varying techniques, but they are based on the works of Dr. W.H. Bates.



24th International Holistic Vision Conference 2013


Every other year an International Conference for Holistic Vision is held in a different European country. During the alternate years conferences may be held in members own country. The event has been hosted twice in Great Britain - Brighton and Wales. The theme for the XXIVth conference will be "Movement, Coordination and Vision for Life" and will take place at Villa Cagnola, Gazzada (VA), Italy Villa Cagnola during 31st Oct-4th Nov 2013. For more information and updates see - www.holisticvisionconference.com

4th British Conference Natural Eyesight Conference 2014


The 4th British Natural Eyesight Conference will be held near London in 2014. See more details soon on:- www.bnec.org.uk