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Natural Vision Education


Vision Education, as the name suggests, approaches human vision as a learned activity. The Bates Method is an educational discipline which takes, as its basis, the work of William. H. Bates MD.


The achievement of Dr. Bates has been continued and added to by the many teachers and students of his Method who have carried on the work. These teachers have contributed to a broad base of knowledge and experience, incorporating other therapies and educational disciplines.


This additional knowledge has resulted in the shift of emphasis from the eyes on their own to include the well-being of the whole person and today we see an approach which uses work with the eyesight as a key to personal growth.


Despite evolution in this work, if Dr. Bates was to return today he would still be able to recognise his original theory and practices in use in the way we teach. Without his original teachings we would not have the solid foundation of our work.

Eyes are the 'Windows of the Soul'


It is recognised that the eyes are the window of the soul: as such we see eyesight as an expression of the connection of our self and to the environment. An important aspect of this is to be in the present - to be in the 'here and now'.


This embraces an approach which emphasises bringing that relationship into balance as far as possible, rather than pursuing maximum acuity at all costs. However, improving eyesight naturally is always our central goal, these improvements are experienced both in qualitative and quantitative ways.

An Alternative Approach For All Eyesight Problems


Dr. Bates contended that if eyesight could worsen so it could improve and he firmly believed that the use of corrective lenses contributed to eyesight deterioration.


Eyesight through a corrective prescription does not reproduce the quality and experience of natural, unaided vision. Glasses are at best an inconvenient crutch, contact lenses, although cosmetically pleasing, are foreign objects which constitute a real threat to the integrity and health of the eyes.


Invasive procedures, such as laser treatments for refractive error, are both irreversible and risky with results often becoming unreliable over time with many people still needing a corrective prescription sooner or later.


The Bates Method is primarily about improving eyesight but it is, in fact, a wholistic method of personal development. Evidence from clients has shown that as they learn to see better with enhanced quality of vision they also experience an enhanced sense of health and well-being that goes far beyond their eyesight improvement.


Working with a Bates Teacher is a helping relationship that supports the whole person. Learning to see well naturally has a profound positive influence on how the individual see and relates to his/her world. Experiencing and rediscovering not just clarity of sight but clarity in being.


In a world where more and more people are being prescribed corrective lenses there is an acute need to safeguard the preciousness of vision. The Bates Method of natural vision can support people to take care of and maintain their naturally good eyesight as a life-long resource. For nearly one hundred years Bates Teachers have been helping people to do just that.