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The co-founders and principal teachers of this courses are practising Bates Teachers who have many years of experience both as teachers and trainers of teachers.


As a college committed to excellence we have put together an exciting and innovative programme of study which will meet the needs of our students and the required learning outcomes of the course to ensure that participants emerge as competent, confident Bates Teachers.

Aileen Whiteford


Aileen is a graduate of the School of Vision Education and later became an Associate teacher with the School, working both with students and helping to develop course material.


She has built up several successful practices in Edinburgh, East Lothian and another in London.


Aileen holds a Master of Science (Education) degree from Edinburgh University and is a professional educator of many years, both in Canada and Scotland, and was also an external examiner/assessor.


In her private practice Aileen teaches Bates Method either individually or intensive courses also running workshops for natural eyesight. She also offers courses in therapeutic communication, and counselling.


Aileen has lead Bates Method workshops at Meir Schneider's School of Self-Healing in California. She has also presented at the 17th International Conference of Holistic Vision in Paris and at the 2nd Natural Vision Conference in San Francisco.


In October 2011 she co-presented a binocularity (One eye good - Two Eyes better” workshop on binocularity with Margaret at the XXIII International Conference for Holistic Vision held at Malpensa, Italy.


Aileen co-organised and co-presented with Margaret at the 3rd British Natural Eyesight Conference (www.bnec.org.uk) held October 2012. The theme was “Low Vision and Eye Disease: See better - feel better. Learn how to understand and manage your low vision or eye disease using natural eyesight methods.” After the conference Aileen and Margaret presented a teachers only workshop on "How to work with clients having low vision".

Margaret Montgomery


Margaret became interested in the Bates Method and studied under the late Miss Evelyn B. Sage to become a Bates Teacher. After a few years experience Margaret assisted Miss Sage in her Teacher Training Clinic in East Finchley, London.


In 1991 Margaret assisted Peter Mansfield (author of "The Bates Method") at the Bates College (which later became the School of Vision Education) until the School was moved to the South of England in 2001. She helped to develop material for the College Course Manual. As a consquence, Margaret has helped to train most of the current teachers on the Bates Association's Teacher register.


Margaret is a founder member of both the Bates Association for Vision Education (BAVE) and the Association of Vision Educators (AVE). She is at present the Publicity Officer for BAVE.


As well as having several private client practices in London, home counties, south and west of England she also co-ordinates the monthly Bates Vision Clinic held in Finchley, London N3.


Margaret with Aileen were co-organisers and co-presentors at the 3rd British Natural Eyesight Conference (www.bnec.org.uk) held in October 2012.


In October 2011 she presented “The Bates Method” at the 23rd International Holistic Vision Conference in Italy and co-presented a binocularity workshop with Aileen.


During the 24th International Holistic Conference (to be held at the end of October and beginning of November 2013) Margaret will be presenting a workshop for vision teachers "Working With Eye Charts" in Malpensa, Italy. (www.holisticvisionconference.com)