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The course consists of 4 six day (residential) intensive modules. Each day of the course will provide a variety of learning activities, for example, lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical sessions, and supervised clinical experience.


The course will include over 300 hours of theory and practice hours. As well as the formal tutorial hours there will be study and practical assignments between each segment of the course to consolidate new information and to prepare for the next class intensive. Students are also encouraged to read widely around the topic of natural vision education.

Conditions for Course Entry


No academic qualification is required, but applicants will be required to write a short account of why they are interested in this teacher training course, a summary of their personal vision history, and attend an informal interview with the directors.

Assessment Process


The course assessment will be an ongoing process throughout, it will comprise both formal and informal elements. The assessment and evaluation will be conducted in a way to ensure maximum learning and personal and professional development.

Personal Vision Work


Throughout this professional training all participants will be supported whilst working with their own eyesight as part of their personal development and encouraged to be supportive to one another in this process.


As part of the training requirements all participants must arrange to have a minimum of 8 individual lessons over the duration of the course regardless of the nature of their own eyesight.

Other Specialist Tutors


Occasionally there may be guest lecturers who specialise in a particular aspect of eyes and vision. This may include Alexander Technique, cranial osteopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, Bach Flower remedies, etc.