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Become A Professional Teacher Of The Bates Method Of Natural Eyesight

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Learn how to teach others to improve their eyesight and take care of their sight in a natural wholistic way. The College of Vision Education is pleased to announce its next student intake of this exciting and dynamic four module teacher training programme will be November 2013.

Bates Method

The Bates Method has been practised for nearly one hundred years in all continents of the world. It has helped countless numbers of people to discover that poor vision can be both prevented and improved. Every kind of eyesight difficulty has been helped - even those regarded by medicine as hopeless. In Great Britain there is a long tradition in the professional training of teachers of the Bates Method, the natural method of self-improvement specifically for the eyes, mind and body - in fact, for the whole person.

Classical tradition - modern up-to-date course

We are continuing that tradition be offering a modern, up-to-date course for people, like yourself, who are interested in working as a Bates Method Teacher in natural vision education.

College of Vision Education

As a college committed to excellence we have put together an exciting and innovative programme of study which will meet the needs of our students and ensure that they emerge as competent, confident Bates Teachers.

Comprehensive Training in Natural Eyesight Methods

This educational programme provides comprehensive training in natural eyesight methods based on the work of Dr. William Bates. It incorporates the theory behind the method, its practical application with ongoing, integrated and supervised clinical practice.